About Us

TRS - Textile Restoration Specialists

We specialize in fire, smoke and odor removal and restoration of garments, bedding, linens, draperies, leathers, suede, furs, shoes and all household items made of fabric of any type.

What Makes Us Specialists

We have a long history and background in the textile processing industry, including fire, smoke and water restoration on a large scale; also an understanding of fabric and yarn as well as chemical processes not known to ordinary dry cleaners or restoration cleaners.

What Makes Us Better

Going the extra mile to insure the client is taken care of in a manner which is comforting and accommodating. Clients will get 5 star services contributing to overall satisfaction with service.

What Makes Us Different

Our overall size is large enough to handle small and large losses and multiple losses simultaneously while maintaining personal incredible service. We have several plants in which items can be processed and stored for the convenience of clients and access to belongings.

We have 3 ozone chambers and unlimited storage capacity.

We work with all insurance companies, restoration contractors, and remediation contractors, environmental clean up companies, cleaning companies, home and business owners.


What We Do

Upon arrival, introductions are made and contact information exchanged. We have a 24 hour direct answer phone. We then explain our services and how it is handled. We accumulate items which are needed for daily living for the next 48-72 hours. This is rushed and returned within 12 to 24 hours depending on needs. Once the client is located in a hotel or rental location, a valet service is provided at temporary location to accommodate daily laundry needs of client. We then offer our on site portable closet which can be delivered to virtually any location and left for extended periods of time at no charge.

The Extras We Provide

• Valet Service
• Rush items delivered back within 24 hours
• We return items back to their original location; we put everything back to where it came from.

We hang drapes, make beds, and hang clothes in closets, folded clothes back in dresser drawers,
linens back in closets and rugs back in place.

When we leave there is nothing left to do!

• Portable closets provided

Areas We Serve

• We service all of New York including the Bronx, Queens, Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Sullivan,
Putnam, Dutchess and Albany Counties.
• Northern New Jersey
• Western to Central Connecticut
• Northern to Central Pennsylvania

Xactamate pricing used